Is there a haircut for every age?

coupe cheveux selon age

We all woke up one day and said, “I want to change my mind.” As we move forward in life, we have moments of doubt and the desire to change everything: our interior design, our look; there’s no shortage of haircuts.

You’ve been wearing a beautiful long mane forever? The day will come when you will want to go short. Why such a change? Because life is doing its work, age is growing and the way we see ourselves is changing.

Before you walk through the doors of a hair salon, ask yourself if there is a haircut for your age. This will guide you in your choice and help you avoid disappointments.

20 years, free cutting in all circumstances

Young and crazy, at 20, they have their whole life ahead of them. Their hair is then coloured blue, pink, red, cut in shades, etc… The cuts change several times a year. We go from long to short, from short to long. It is curled, shaved on one side, but not on the other.

In short, we do what we want, we test. This is the age of freedom, of carefree, of the will to express oneself by any means. We enjoy ourselves and whatever the consequences. It doesn’t matter, it grows back!

At the age of 30, the haircut evolves with the person

This is usually the phase of the big upheavals in life. Marriage, children, a busy job. All of which give you just as many reasons to want to change your mind.

You want something that’s easy to do, low-maintenance. Maybe you also need to fit in with your job. But you still want to be noticed, not to let yourself go: you structure, shape and glamourise.

40 years, the cut of maturity

You stay young in your head, but you’re not 20 anymore! The questioning makes itself felt, the desire for change follows in quick succession.

What if we finally do what we really want? What if we could get out of this “metro-work-asleep” straitjacket? Tired of the compulsory blow dry at work? Ponytailing around the clock to avoid knots? Everybody’s got a right to treat themselves. It’s time to regain a little capillary freedom! The watchword: lightness. Simplicity remains a sure thing.

50 years old/60 years old and over, stay beautiful and natural

Usually, the older you get, the more you go for short cuts. Because gray hair is less beautiful long? Because at this age, long hair is not flattering?

In any case, it is better to avoid anything that pulls the hair back, or that hardens the face. Square, straightened or too structured cuts are not the friends of quinquas/sexagenarians. It’s no longer the time to be exuberant.

As you can see, every age has its own haircut. Nevertheless, we must not forget an important point: the shape of the face. It holds a primordial place in the choice of a cut.

5 things to know about hair perming

conseils permanente cheveux

You want to do a perm on your hair, but you are still hesitating to take the step? Here are a few useful tips before you get started.

The advantages of a perm

A perm has the advantage of adding volume to the hair. If you find your hair too flat and you want to revitalize your hairstyle, a perm can meet your wishes.

The hair regains movement and the result will look more natural than with a curling iron. You can also choose the shape and size of the curls or opt for a simple wave (wavy effect). The perm is long-lasting, 3 to 6 months on average, but it is not permanent, as the hair returns to its original shape when it grows back.

The permanent wave technique

How do you go from straight hair to curly hair? To do this, you use a chemical product that breaks the hair’s envelope and you can then give it the desired shape.

The hair is then wrapped around curlers that are more or less wide depending on the desired effect, and will take on a rounded shape. After the application time, the curlers are removed, then a fixing product is applied to tighten the scales of the hair and definitively fix the fold. It is advisable to avoid washing your hair for two days after perming.

The perm and the different types of hair

The perm can be done on any type of hair. As long as the application time is adapted to each type, there are no contraindications. It is important to know that the result will depend on the type of hair, especially in terms of hold.

Shaping will last less time on naturally very smooth hair. If your hair is bleached and therefore already weakened, it is not advisable to do a perm. It is nevertheless possible to start with a perm and wait several weeks before bleaching.

The risks of a perm for the hair

The main risk is the drying of the hair fibre, especially if the hair is already dry at the base. A good hydration is necessary, it is advisable to regularly make nourishing masks to preserve the health of the hair.

If your hair is very fine and sensitive, remember to nourish it before perming. A shorter application time should be respected, as fine hair absorbs the products more quickly. You should also know that there is always a risk of irritation, but since techniques have evolved and the products used are very gentle, this risk is very low, if not non-existent.

How to maintain your perm ?

To maintain your perm and prolong the curly or wavy effect, it is better to let your hair air-dry or use a diffuser rather than a traditional hairdryer. It will follow the shape of the curls and will respect the shape of the hair.

You can also use styling mousse to discipline and restructure curls. If you occasionally feel like blow-drying, don’t worry, curls will reappear after a wash. Finally, keep in mind that if you’ve chosen rather large curls the perm will tend to last a little less time.

How to choose a haircut according to the shape of your face?

coupe de cheveux selon la forme de son visage

You may have suspected it, but the shape of your face is the most important factor to consider when choosing a haircut.

You may fall in love with this beautiful new fashionable cut, but if it doesn’t match the shape of your face, you’ll probably be very disappointed! So, what do you tell the hairdresser so that you don’t leave the salon angry? That’s what we’re going to see right now!

Rectangular face shape

The rectangular face shape is distinguished by fairly pronounced angles at the jaw and a high forehead. The goal here is to opt for a cut that will bring roundness.

For example, you can be tempted by beautiful wavy lengths or a half-long gradient that will highlight your cheekbones and soften the angles.

Oval face shape

If this is your case, rejoice, your face is very well balanced and allows you to choose from countless possibilities.

For example, dare to cut your cheeks, lips or chin short, depending on what you want to highlight. If you prefer long hair, avoid gradations that would hide your face and opt for curls or waves, for example.

Square face shape

A square face is characterized by a rather broad forehead, a marked jaw and clearly visible cheekbones.

A cut with a side parting may be an excellent choice to soften these angles, as may a long fringe or asymmetrical streak. You can also try a plunging square or a loose, boyish cut to add length to your face.

Heart-shaped/hexagonal/losange face shape

This type of face is recognizable by visible cheekbones, with a narrow jaw and a thin chin.

The trick is therefore to try to minimize the upper part of your face in favour of the lower part in order to balance the whole. To do this, you can try a long or half-long layered cut starting at the chin. Curls are also a very good solution to bring roundness and soften the angles.

Round face shape

The round face is about equal in height and width with well rounded cheeks. You must therefore bring a maximum of angles and volume into your hair to break up the roundness a little.

Opt for long gradations from the jaw line or plunging squares that are not too short. You can also embellish your cut with an oblique fringe to lengthen your face.

Triangular face shape

This face shape is characterized by a pronounced jaw, more prominent than the forehead, and a thin or flat chin. It is thus necessary to bet on a cut allowing to balance the bottom for the benefit of the top.

To do this, favour volume on the top of the head, for example a plunging square that is not too structured. If you prefer to keep the length, loops and other wavy fabrics will enhance your look by softening the angles.


Need advice?  Make an appointment with one of our facial hair stylists at Au 2e in Montreal.

What to do as soon as the first white hair appears?

premiers cheveux blancs

While the first white hair usually appears around the age of 30, it can sometimes point to the tip of its bulb prematurely.

Heredity, lifestyle, stress, use of toxic products for hair, are all factors that can promote canitie. Here are our hair styling tips to live well and treat the arrival of the first white hair.

Do not tear them off

You’ve probably heard that one white hair pulled out grows ten more? Nothing could be further from the truth! However, there is no need to tear them off in the hope of making them disappear: they will still grow back, harder and you will also attack your scalp.

Dye your white hair

Permanent or semi-permanent colourings are a good compromise to cover your white hair. It should be noted that the more numerous these are, the more the colouring will have to have a high oxidation rate.

Temporary or tone-on-tone colorations are peroxide-free and last about two weeks. Semi-permanent colorations cover white hair without changing your natural color.

Smoothing with tannin on white hair

Tannin smoothing, or tanninoplasty, is an organic restructuring and strengthening smoothing. It is a two-in-one alternative to the appearance of the first grey hair because it allows both the straightening of grey hair and its colouring.

A real hair care product, tannin is made from natural substances. It contains keratin, collagen and oils to strengthen and purify your hair. Color corrector, it avoids yellowing of blond or highlighted hair and allows a quality and tailor-made smoothing.

At 2 E, our teams are at your disposal to advise you as best they can on the colouring and smoothing to be done.

Temporary substitutes

Some products on the market allow the appearance of grey hair to be treated temporarily. Hair mascaras allow you to dye your hair strand by strand. There are all kinds of colours.

Designed to last the day, they are easy to shampoo. Powders, camouflaging gels or root sprays can be used to cover grey hair and are also ephemeral.

Finally, some dietary supplements help to slow hair growth. They can thus slow down the appearance of grey hair. Some also boost hair re-pigmentation.

Assume your white hair

White manes or pepper and salt are more and more trendy today. Why complex? They offer multiple possibilities, you can easily sublimate them and make yourself a sober or trendy look according to your tastes.

You can play on the reflections in your hair or melt your white hair in a sweep for example. Do not hesitate either to maintain your hair and make it shine. Address possible causes. The premature appearance of grey hair can be due to a health problem, a vitamin deficiency, stress, an emotional shock or more simply to a healthy lifestyle.

Prevention is better than cure: avoid smoking, favour a healthy diet and lifestyle and the use of natural hair products will only be better for the pigmentation of your hair.

How to maintain smooth hair?

maintain smooth hair

If you have your hair straightened, in order to optimize its health and beauty, it is necessary to maintain it in order to keep it always very beautiful. So, before getting up or going to bed, you can gently massage your scalp.

Before going to sleep, make a few loose mats and sleep with a protective silk scarf. If they are tangled in the morning, do not use a deep comb to avoid breaking them.

How to untangle deeply relaxed hair?

Be aware that to untangle straightened hair, always untangle from bottom to top with a comb with very wide teeth. You divide your hair into sections and start detangling from five centimetres from the tip.

To make the operation easier, you can moisten your hair with a spray filled with 80% water, 10% cream and 10% special oil for serum or two-phase spray hair specially made for like the Keune 2-phase spray product based on keratin.

Valuable tips for keeping beautiful, smooth hair

Since homemade thermal brushing or styling can damage the hair’s envelope and interior, it requires a complex of nutrition, hydration and care.

You can then apply vegetable oils specially designed for your hair/heat protectors and serums to make it even more beautiful.

Also, wash your hair with a washing and conditioning cream rather than a shampoo as it does not contain sulfate and paraben and always use a conditioner that will be left on for 3 to 5 minutes.

Our last tips to consider when you have straightened hair

Finally, if you want to keep beautiful, smooth hair, follow these few tips from your hairdresser Au 2E.

Chemical treatments can be aggressive and can make them brittle, depending on the nature of your hair.

Choose your hairdresser carefully for a straightening, because the professional must master this technique perfectly. He or she should be able to advise you on the type of smoothing that best meets your expectations.

If your hair is too brittle, then use the natural softening technique, which remains less aggressive. It helps to retain moisture better. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice.