What to do as soon as the first white hair appears?

premiers cheveux blancs

While the first white hair usually appears around the age of 30, it can sometimes point to the tip of its bulb prematurely.

Heredity, lifestyle, stress, use of toxic products for hair, are all factors that can promote canitie. Here are our hair styling tips to live well and treat the arrival of the first white hair.

Do not tear them off

You’ve probably heard that one white hair pulled out grows ten more? Nothing could be further from the truth! However, there is no need to tear them off in the hope of making them disappear: they will still grow back, harder and you will also attack your scalp.

Dye your white hair

Permanent or semi-permanent colourings are a good compromise to cover your white hair. It should be noted that the more numerous these are, the more the colouring will have to have a high oxidation rate.

Temporary or tone-on-tone colorations are peroxide-free and last about two weeks. Semi-permanent colorations cover white hair without changing your natural color.

Smoothing with tannin on white hair

Tannin smoothing, or tanninoplasty, is an organic restructuring and strengthening smoothing. It is a two-in-one alternative to the appearance of the first grey hair because it allows both the straightening of grey hair and its colouring.

A real hair care product, tannin is made from natural substances. It contains keratin, collagen and oils to strengthen and purify your hair. Color corrector, it avoids yellowing of blond or highlighted hair and allows a quality and tailor-made smoothing.

At 2 E, our teams are at your disposal to advise you as best they can on the colouring and smoothing to be done.

Temporary substitutes

Some products on the market allow the appearance of grey hair to be treated temporarily. Hair mascaras allow you to dye your hair strand by strand. There are all kinds of colours.

Designed to last the day, they are easy to shampoo. Powders, camouflaging gels or root sprays can be used to cover grey hair and are also ephemeral.

Finally, some dietary supplements help to slow hair growth. They can thus slow down the appearance of grey hair. Some also boost hair re-pigmentation.

Assume your white hair

White manes or pepper and salt are more and more trendy today. Why complex? They offer multiple possibilities, you can easily sublimate them and make yourself a sober or trendy look according to your tastes.

You can play on the reflections in your hair or melt your white hair in a sweep for example. Do not hesitate either to maintain your hair and make it shine. Address possible causes. The premature appearance of grey hair can be due to a health problem, a vitamin deficiency, stress, an emotional shock or more simply to a healthy lifestyle.

Prevention is better than cure: avoid smoking, favour a healthy diet and lifestyle and the use of natural hair products will only be better for the pigmentation of your hair.

How to maintain smooth hair?

maintain smooth hair

If you have your hair straightened, in order to optimize its health and beauty, it is necessary to maintain it in order to keep it always very beautiful. So, before getting up or going to bed, you can gently massage your scalp.

Before going to sleep, make a few loose mats and sleep with a protective silk scarf. If they are tangled in the morning, do not use a deep comb to avoid breaking them.

How to untangle deeply relaxed hair?

Be aware that to untangle straightened hair, always untangle from bottom to top with a comb with very wide teeth. You divide your hair into sections and start detangling from five centimetres from the tip.

To make the operation easier, you can moisten your hair with a spray filled with 80% water, 10% cream and 10% special oil for serum or two-phase spray hair specially made for like the Keune 2-phase spray product based on keratin.

Valuable tips for keeping beautiful, smooth hair

Since homemade thermal brushing or styling can damage the hair’s envelope and interior, it requires a complex of nutrition, hydration and care.

You can then apply vegetable oils specially designed for your hair/heat protectors and serums to make it even more beautiful.

Also, wash your hair with a washing and conditioning cream rather than a shampoo as it does not contain sulfate and paraben and always use a conditioner that will be left on for 3 to 5 minutes.

Our last tips to consider when you have straightened hair

Finally, if you want to keep beautiful, smooth hair, follow these few tips from your hairdresser Au 2E.

Chemical treatments can be aggressive and can make them brittle, depending on the nature of your hair.

Choose your hairdresser carefully for a straightening, because the professional must master this technique perfectly. He or she should be able to advise you on the type of smoothing that best meets your expectations.

If your hair is too brittle, then use the natural softening technique, which remains less aggressive. It helps to retain moisture better. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice.

What is enzyme therapy smoothing?

enzyme therapy smoothing

Your hair is burned out? They are tired of being damaged, dried up and attacked by unsuitable chemicals or shampoos? You aspire more than anything, to the idea of having smooth, shiny hair easy to maintain and impeccable after just two small combs? You dreamed about it, the smoothing enzyme therapy did it. But what is this magical and revolutionary process and is it suitable for all types of hair?

What is enzyme therapy smoothing?

This is a new, latest generation tannin-based organic smoothing method to which fruit enzymes have been added. She has widely found her audience in European hair salons in recent years. Made of natural particles, this ingenious technique smoothes and heals tired hair. It brings suppleness, shines and shines to dull manes without greasing the roots.

The benefits of this method are no longer to prove:

  • Saving styling time
  • Ears and torn rebels
  • Natural and radiant appearance in everyday life

It’s like going out of a hair salon every morning. After this treatment, your hair will be silky and smooth and you will not need your hotplates, only the hairdryer. Because like smoothing with tannin, the smoothing enzyme therapy reacts to the heat. This is a reversible smoothing: if you let it dry naturally, you will get relaxed curls, no frizz and hydrated. If you want to wear your hair smooth, just dry them with the hairdryer and place them on the fingers.

Enzyme smoothing, an innovative and natural technique

This natural smoothing with tannin is a real therapy for the hair. Without formalin, glyoxylic acid or derivatives, it does not modify the internal structure of the hair. Its composition reassures users because the product can not cause undesirable effects on the hair or scalp. It is enriched with enzymes (natural catalysts of fruit extracts) sheath and strengthens the hair without refining the texture, unlike Brazilian smoothing. It is a product obtained from the maceration of the skin of grapes, oak, and chestnut (which have anti-inflammatory and healing properties).

Enzyme smoothing, for whom?

This new technique of smoothing is suitable for all types of hair whatever your ethnic-capillary profiles (Caucasian, Asian, African). Curly, wavy, dry, stiff, thick, frizzy, porous or rebellious, your unruly hair will no longer be the law.

Are you pregnant?

Indulge yourself, this smoothing technique contains no hazardous products (0% formaldehyde or derivatives).

Damaged hair

Smoothing also repairs damaged and dried hair thanks to tannin coupled with enzymes. It reinforces the asperities present in the hair caused by chemical, mechanical or thermal aggressions.

Colored or highlighted hair

Not only smoothing is perfectly compatible with a dye or wicks but it is also possible and recommended to do your coloring or your technical service the same day where you benefit from this formula to obtain the perfect shade.

Lifetime and maintenance of smoothing

The smoothing lasts between 4 to 6 months, or more, depending on the maintenance that you will bring to your hair. If you want to keep as much as possible the miraculous effects of this smoothing, some tips are to follow:

It is necessary to use a range of shampoos and soft care for the hair, without parabens and sulfates. The So Pure range of Keune, available at the show, fully meets the needs of hair having been smoothed enzyme therapy.

Use thermal protection with any heat source (hairdryer).

Nourish and repair the hair with moisturizing and protein care once a week.

So, will you succumb to smoothing enzyme therapy?


Is it possible to straighten man’s hair ?

tannin smoothing for men

Gentlemen, can’t stand your curly or frizzy hair anymore? Straightening or smoothing techniques are more and more popular with men.

The male population has the same right to appropriate the different techniques to obtain the hair they want and for that, we explain everything about these different techniques.

Straightening or permanent smoothing for men

Straightening will give you a long-lasting result, it is also known as permanent smoothing. It consists in modifying the structure of the hair by breaking the disulfide bridges that cause the frizz. There are two straightening techniques, however, if you start with one, you will have to wait until the product has completely disappeared before trying the second. It is important that your scalp is in perfect health before applying any of these products. Our French hairdresser Léo uses Keune’s products to achieve quality straightening without risk to your hair.

The gentle or Thiole straightening, ideal for your wavy or curly hair. The product applied to your hair acts on the surface for an effectiveness of 3 to 6 months. Alkaline straightening is for frizzy hair. The product then acts in depth, the application requires more expertise and lasts a maximum of 2 months.

There are different techniques such as Japanese smoothing, which takes its name from the “baguette” effect it offers. If you have curly, wavy or frizzy hair, this technique aims for permanence and will therefore last 4 to 6 months. However, it cannot be applied to highlighted hair, but no problem if it is coloured.

Brazilian straightening will discipline your hard-to-handle hair with its all-natural composition that will not damage your hair and will adapt very well to even short hair.

The tannin smoothing offers a result between Japanese and Brazilian smoothing. Semi-permanent, you will have a result that will last and you will only have to redo the roots when they have grown back. It is considered tailor-made, because this straightening is declined in several strengths according to your hair type and is totally natural.

Luxter Vegetable Collagen Straightening offers you a long-lasting straightening that will repair your hair in depth with collagen. It adapts to all hair types and can be applied to colored or scanned hair.

Temporary smoothing

This type of straightening does not permanently modify the structure of the hair, it will therefore not be durable and will have to be renewed. It is made using hot plates without any products and the structure of your hair will not be modified.

Ideal to do when you have curly or wavy hair, the result will be easier to achieve than on curly hair that will require permanent straightening.

To keep your hair beautiful, these techniques must be applied with application, which is why it is necessary to call upon an Au 2e hairdresser who will be able to advise you precisely according to your hair and the result you expect, as well as on the care to be given to your hair afterwards.

The benefits of argan oil for hair

argan oil keune

The benefits of argan oil are well established. Indeed, this oil makes it possible to take care of the hair while bringing them shine, suppleness and hydration. To help you see more clearly on this oil, we offer a short overview of this natural elixir. Follow the guide !

What is argan oil?

Argan oil is also known as argan oil. From the fruit of the argan tree (Moroccan tree), which looks like a walnut containing kernels in the core, it is following a specific process that we obtain the argan oil. This one is quite healthy.

This oil is obtained after pressing the seeds of the fruit of the argan tree: a plant that is found mostly on the African continent and more precisely in the Souss, south-west of Morocco. Indeed, the climate is favorable for the growth of this plant. Other countries have started to produce this product, for example, India or China.

Did you know ? Argan oil was once used for medicinal purposes and its properties have largely contributed to a cosmetic use for external use, especially for the hair.

How to use argan oil ?

The Keune argan oil that we offer in the salon, is easily used on the hair: after styling or hair care (mask, tannin smoothing, coloring, after shampooing, etc.).

For that, it is enough to apply a few drops on the hair and to massage uniformly the length by insisting on the points. It is used as a serum and brings an almost immediate effect. It can also be used before any exposure to the sun to protect itself from UV and various heat sources such as hair dryers or straighteners.

Finally, you can also apply it after a blow dry to avoid the formation of frizz. Indeed, it created a real barrier against moisture, which is a notable asset for hair difficult to discipline.

This oil has a vitamin A and E content as well as Omega 6 and 9. These are notable ingredients for good hydration of the hair. This is a true concentrate of nutrients to allow your hair to have flexibility and shine at any time of the day.

Where to find quality products?

Argan oil is a product that must be chosen according to its quality, ingredients and the process used. Some brands are preferred, such as Keune brand argan oil, which revives, softens and nourishes damaged or unruly hair.

You can now integrate argan oil into your beauty ritual: it’s up to you to choose a quality product for optimal results!