Which hair cut for thinning hair?

coupe pour les cheveux clairsemés

In a woman’s life, hair loss is a delicate, sometimes difficult and stressful time. The origin of this kind of problem is linked to the anagen phase of the hair follicles. Hair growth becomes thinner and shorter.

As a result, the hair becomes sparse. Are you prone to this hair problem? Are you anxious that it could affect your image? Do not panic! All it takes is a few scissors strokes to sublimate your appearance and camouflage your thinning hair. Here’s an overview of the hot cuts.

The asymmetrical cut, to bring your hairstyle back to life

The asymmetrical is today a style of hairstyle that is popular with fashion fans. It’s the best way to give a boost and freshness to dull, monotonous hair. From a more pronounced shape to a simple partial cut, it can be done in a wide variety of styles. That said, the asymmetrical cut is an ally for all types of faces.

If you have thinning long hair, the best way to camouflage your androgenetic alopecia is to adopt the light asymmetrical square. This will give a more voluminous character to your mane while making the parts affected by the hair problem invisible. On the other hand, on short hair, it is better to play contrasts with the ball square, but keeping more length on the front of the head. For this, a fringe swept to the side will be ideal.

The shaded bob, an irresistible trend

The refinement of the hair follicles of the scalp most often results in a lack of density. Thus, the hairstyle leaves a finer, flattened and dry look. To blur this lack of volume, use a gradient. Although light tapering is often recommended, it should be avoided. Here, the goal is not to add relief, but to obtain more thickness. The gradient can be realized under different aspects, but it is preferable to adopt the “shag”.

This swag tendency breaks codes and sets its own rules. Juggling between curls, relaxation and consistency, shag can be worn in long or short versions depending on your mane. All you need is the fringe and soft waves to create a sensation. The shag gradient also adapts to all face shapes.

With this trend, you can also free yourself from all styling constraints. Simply run your fingers between your strands to restore tone to your curls. You can also add spray, but just a light puff will do.

The plunging square, the perfect blur

To look for density and to hide the most sparse areas, the plunging square ensures perfect blurring. It will give an impression of lightness with a thicker effect. It is also possible to combine it with a longer wick on the front of your head. This will help camouflage your hair’s widening parting.

Otherwise, why not get caught up in Pixie fashion? It aims to eliminate the flattened effect by creating a wave-like movement with an imposing fringe on the forehead. The center parting will be offset to one side for more dynamism.

Note that if you suffer from female pattern baldness, it is better to refrain from intensive styling. The same goes for the use of waxes, styling gels and even less ointments, as the result will still be stringy. Smoothing with an iron is also to be avoided. It is better to bet on the natural with a slightly battered or crumpled rendering, which we can achieve for you at 2E!

What are the hair fashions in Quebec?

mode coupe cheveux femme quebec

With the arrival of autumn, the year 2020 is drawing to a close and we all hope for a brighter future.

In the meantime, get into fashion with the trendy hairstyles of the fall-winter 2020-2021 season. Short or long hair, natural or colorful, there’s something for everyone, and even for those looking for originality with the new trend of accessories.

The evolution of styles is based on the 2019-2020 season

A year ago, Quebec women’s hair fashion was following these trends: the boy’s cut for short hair, the square for medium-length hair, the curtain fringe and very long and voluminous hair. The fashionable color was red hair in all its variations (auburn, Venetian blond…).

Each of these styles seems to have evolved in a particular sense, that of assertiveness. Weary of world events that afflict us all and restrict your freedoms, you seek to express yourself and this is through more frank, more daring cuts.

Thus, the color trend is no longer towards a soft, plain and harmonious color, but rather towards a bicolor. This new fashion, where hair is dyed in two very different colors, often with strong contrasts, particularly appeals to young, trendy women, who thrive on social networks. Present in complex hairstyles, bicolouring gives very surprising results, drawing real patterns in your hair. And if you’re worried that the health of your hair will suffer from the use of chemical dyes, then choose hair implants!

If coloring no longer satisfies your cravings for originality, another growing trend is accessories. We’re not talking about good old clips and barrettes, but about a real visual explosion in hair ornaments: chains, rivers of pearls, flowers and other patterns… It’s no longer a question of you hesitating or attempting subtlety. Hang pearls between your strands to match your hairstyle to your clothing style.

For short cuts, dare to part and cut with perfect precision

Gone are the mini skirts of summer, here comes the mini fringe of autumn. It’s the ideal hair fashion for those of you who love precision and attention to detail. Only an expert hairdresser will be able to cut your fringe to the exact millimeter to achieve the desired effect. Beware of false notes, the short fringe must fit perfectly to your face, and your face must fit perfectly to the fringe: it’s up to you to adopt the right attitude!

Although they keep their little charm, boyish and square cuts are already becoming too classic. To keep up with the times, these cuts have a rather daring evolution that will leave no one indifferent.

Too wise the boy’s cut? Dare to take a side skate! Perfect for structuring and giving movement to straightened, flattened hair, whether with or without fringe, this parting allows you to assert yourself in a world that is increasingly egalitarian between the sexes, while maintaining a certain elegance. Plus, if you have desperately fine hair, a parting gives it volume and vibrancy.

For the most classic, the half-beauty

If you’re still wearing last winter’s curtain fringe or can’t untangle your long hairstyle, but prefer to avoid the risky bet of short fringe, the classic style for Fall-Winter 2020-2021 is the Half Duvet. But don’t think it’s limited to nice, tidy girls: wavy, even disheveled, this hairstyle can give you a wild look!

It’s the perfect solution for those of you who feel the need to express yourself while maintaining classic charm and elegance.

Sinka Smoothing by Inkarami: test and review

The Sinka smoothing by Inkarami is a very effective Japanese repairing straightening, which allows to repair your hair in depth by combining a powerful straightening with a natural effect.

It is a professional straightening which is practiced in hairdressing salon as your Au2e salon proposes it. It is suitable for all types of hair, whether frizzy, curly, wavy, straight or bloated and full of frizz. It also allows you to relax the hair more or less depending on the result you want to achieve. It is a repairing straightening to measure that Sinka offers us.

It is especially recommended for dry or damaged hair, with sun, coloring and the use of heat, especially with the straightening iron. It also allows to sublimate the already healthy hair. This straightening treatment is called “high-tech” because it uses innovative and unique active ingredients and treatment methods.

In summer your hair is at risk of being damaged by the sun and exposure to sea salt, it can be useful to perform this straightening to better protect your hair, or just after the vacations to repair it in depth.

Lissage avant et après

What is the Sinka smoothing by Inkarami ?

This treatment lasts about 3 to 4 hours and is done in the salon for a result guaranteed by our expert hands.

Several steps are necessary for its complete realization.

The first step consists, after the application of a PH neutral shampoo, in the application of a protector for sensitive hair.

The second step involves the application of a reducing product to soften the hair in order to be able to work it.

The third step is the application of a deep moisturizing treatment.

For the fourth step, the hair is combed to smooth it, the product is left on, then it is rinsed thoroughly and dried.

In the fifth step, the plates are used to smooth the hair.

The sixth step is to apply a fixing product to fix the straightening for a few minutes, then rinse.

Finally, we move on to the step of styling your hair, which is now smooth and silky.

The result is guaranteed, and your hair will be much softer, shiny, silky and smooth!

All the steps of the straightening process, carried out in a very particular order, allow you to repair the hair in depth for a much more beautiful appearance, but also to allow you to straighten it more easily. This way, straightening will make the effect much more natural and it will also last much longer.

What are the benefits of the treatment and how can they be extended?

The Sinka straightening by Inkarami proves its effects from 6 to 8 months, during which your hair is visibly smooth, regenerated and strengthened. According to your hair type, it is possible to carry out in salon 6 to 8 weeks after the smoothing, a care to reinforce the smoothing and to nourish the hair.

For a long-lasting effect, you should of course avoid sources of heat and additional coloring, as this can damage the hair.

On the other hand, it is quite possible to perform this treatment immediately after coloring, as this will allow the hair to regenerate well after the aggression suffered by the coloring. Thus, the effect will be maximal and will allow both to repair your hair while protecting it.

Thanks to the Inkarami care, one also needs less to use the straightening iron and the hairdryer, since the setting is done much more naturally.

It is also essential to prolong the effects of the care at home thanks to the range of products that can be purchased directly from the salon at the 2nd Tokio IE.

It is composed of four products: a neutral pH washing base, a hydrant treatment and a nourishing regenerating oil and a repairing Tokio Home mask . Thanks to this treatment and the range of treatments, your hair will be much more beautiful and you will be able to smooth it much more easily throughout these eight weeks.

Healthy, silky hair can be styled in the blink of an eye and the smoothing effect looks much more natural. With this treatment, styling will also last longer between shampoos.

Hair care Tokio Inkarami : in salon or at home

Tokio Inkarami’s hair care is a high-tech, innovative and unique hair care.

It allows to regenerate the hair in depth and to facilitate the smoothing and the styling for a silky and natural effect.

It is used when the hair is damaged, especially by the effect of the sun, colorations, sea salt or chlorine, or under the effect of the heat diffused by the straightening iron and the hair dryer.

It is done in salon by hairdressing experts as in our salon Au2e. The range of care proposed by Tokio IE is used at home to prolong the effects of the treatment.

Soin pour cheveux Tokio Inkarami

How are salon treatments carried out?

Tokio Inkarami hair care is made according to a carefully studied protocol, which all certified hairdressers must respect for maximum efficiency.

It consists of several steps, each of which has a precise goal and which must be carried out in order since each step also allows the next one to be 100% effective.

When you are installed in our salon, one of our hairdressers will wash your hair first with a pH neutral shampoo.

Then comes the first step: the hairdresser applies a moisturizing cream containing keratin and amino acids to your hair. This first step opens the scales of your hair so that it can receive the deep care, and it already allows you to start nourishing the hair.

Then, the second step: the hair is coated with a cream that contains other types of amino acids, as well as limnanthe and fullerene. Fullerene is the high-tech active ingredient in this treatment. It allows the hair to receive and use all the other active ingredients.

With this step, the hair already begins to be effectively nourished, and it is crucial for the rest. For the third step, your hairdresser will apply a product to your hair that contains other keratins and fullerene types combined with polymers.

This helps to discipline the hair dramatically to facilitate smoothing after the treatment is finished. To add shine to your hair, your stylist will then proceed to the fourth step and coat your hair with fatty acids and ceramides for maximum shine.

What kind of care should I do at home?

The Tokio Inakarami treatment is effective for up to 8 weeks, provided that you do not abuse the smoothing iron or the coloring after application.

However, this treatment makes it much easier to straighten the hair, so you need much less heat sources for your styling. It’s also advisable to do it right after coloring to give the hair pep and protection.

To prolong the effects of the treatment beyond 8 weeks, a range of products is available at Tokio IE and allows you to do the treatment yourself from your bathroom.

This line is composed of a pH neutral washing base, essential to gently wash your hair, a Moisturizing treatment that will allow your hair to stay hydrated as you go, and a regenerating Nourishing oil and a Tokio Home mask for a continuous repair to complete these treatments and make your hair shine.

The treatments to be done at home can be used after the one done in the salon to prolong the effects.

Our tips for treating dry hair

Do you often notice that your hair is dry when you pass in front of the mirror? Is its color dull? Does it have split ends?

Usually, when you see these signs, you think you should cut it off. But cutting is not the only solution. You still have the opportunity to bring your hair back to life. Here are our tips or advice to repair your dry hair.

traiter cheveux sec

Choose your hair care products and brushes carefully and pre-shampoo

The first and most important rule is the wise choice of hair care products. The well-being of your hair depends very much on the products you apply to it.

The other four tips are very helpful in treating your dry hair. However, if the products you use aren’t of good quality and don’t suit the type of hair you have, these four tips won’t help you in the end.

The best products to use in a dry hair treatment are the ones designed for that purpose. They should not contain silicones or sulfates. Read the ingredients used in the product carefully before you buy it. The disadvantage with the first of these two ingredients to avoid is that it makes the hair look smooth without actually being smooth. Eventually, they suffocate the hair.

The choice of brush is not negligible in the context of a dry hair treatment. Don’t brush your hair too hard and use a soft brush to avoid breaking it. Now that you’ve got those two things together, let’s move on to the actual treatment.

As you might have guessed, pre-shampooing is a prelude to shampooing. It involves applying the product to all of your hair for about 3 minutes. Use a warm, thick towel to cover the hair after applying the product. As the scales open, the heat helps the product work deep into the hair. Afterwards, you can go into the shower.

Spread out the cleaning with shampoo and avoid aggressive coloring.

If you’re used to repeated shampooing, you’re weakening your hair. The scales also become brittle. Over time, your entire head of hair dries out. Very often, professional hairdressers recommend one, maximum two washes with shampoo every 3 days. This preserves the quality of the hair.

Thus they are less brittle and do not break. If you have oily roots, shampoo lightly and dry.

As you know, repeating colorations with poor quality products can weaken your hair to the point of dryness.

Chemical brittleness is even more common with very sensitive hair. Hair has difficulty tolerating the harmful components found in most haircolour products. Between the beautiful touch that these products bring to the hair and the risk of drying it out, you have to choose.

Furthermore, if you have naturally dry hair, repeating coloring products makes it more fragile and speeds up drying. The ideal is to space out the colorings widely. If you have gray hair and you can’t stand it, camouflage it with natural or less chemical products. They are generally more tolerated by the hair.

It is known to everyone that oil is good for the hair. If you have dry hair, don’t hesitate to put some on it. Don’t skimp on quantity. The cosmetic industry has created oil formulas that are very effective in the treatment of dry hair. These oils restore the hair’s softness and smoothness. Better, they do not weigh down the hair, like argan oil.

However, the scalp, especially when it is oily, does not support the regular application of oil. So if you have an oily scalp, just apply the oil to the lengths of your hair. Also insist on the ends of the hair.