Hair care Tokio Inkarami : in salon or at home

Tokio Inkarami’s hair care is a high-tech, innovative and unique hair care.

It allows to regenerate the hair in depth and to facilitate the smoothing and the styling for a silky and natural effect.

It is used when the hair is damaged, especially by the effect of the sun, colorations, sea salt or chlorine, or under the effect of the heat diffused by the straightening iron and the hair dryer.

It is done in salon by hairdressing experts as in our salon Au2e. The range of care proposed by Tokio IE is used at home to prolong the effects of the treatment.

Soin pour cheveux Tokio Inkarami

How are salon treatments carried out?

Tokio Inkarami hair care is made according to a carefully studied protocol, which all certified hairdressers must respect for maximum efficiency.

It consists of several steps, each of which has a precise goal and which must be carried out in order since each step also allows the next one to be 100% effective.

When you are installed in our salon, one of our hairdressers will wash your hair first with a pH neutral shampoo.

Then comes the first step: the hairdresser applies a moisturizing cream containing keratin and amino acids to your hair. This first step opens the scales of your hair so that it can receive the deep care, and it already allows you to start nourishing the hair.

Then, the second step: the hair is coated with a cream that contains other types of amino acids, as well as limnanthe and fullerene. Fullerene is the high-tech active ingredient in this treatment. It allows the hair to receive and use all the other active ingredients.

With this step, the hair already begins to be effectively nourished, and it is crucial for the rest. For the third step, your hairdresser will apply a product to your hair that contains other keratins and fullerene types combined with polymers.

This helps to discipline the hair dramatically to facilitate smoothing after the treatment is finished. To add shine to your hair, your stylist will then proceed to the fourth step and coat your hair with fatty acids and ceramides for maximum shine.

What kind of care should I do at home?

The Tokio Inakarami treatment is effective for up to 8 weeks, provided that you do not abuse the smoothing iron or the coloring after application.

However, this treatment makes it much easier to straighten the hair, so you need much less heat sources for your styling. It’s also advisable to do it right after coloring to give the hair pep and protection.

To prolong the effects of the treatment beyond 8 weeks, a range of products is available at Tokio IE and allows you to do the treatment yourself from your bathroom.

This line is composed of a pH neutral washing base, essential to gently wash your hair, a Moisturizing treatment that will allow your hair to stay hydrated as you go, and a regenerating Nourishing oil and a Tokio Home mask for a continuous repair to complete these treatments and make your hair shine.

The treatments to be done at home can be used after the one done in the salon to prolong the effects.