Hair care Tokio Inkarami : test and review

Consisting of several different products, the Tokio Inkarami care protocol from Dr Jr Laboratories promises a deep repair of damaged and dry hair.

Originally from Japan, this complete treatment allows you to recover in a few weeks a shiny and full of life hair. We have tested it and offer this treatment in a salon and we give you our opinion.

Soin capillaire Tokio Inkarami

The Tokio Inkarami Care: a short presentation

The Tokio Inkarami care protocol treats and repairs the hair fiber in depth thanks to several complementary steps. Available only in hairdressing salons approved as Au 2e, this treatment helps the hair to keep its hydration and vitality.

The complete in-salon protocol consists of four steps, each targeting one layer of the hair for a long-lasting result.

It lasts an average of 1 to 1.5 hours and promises revitalized hair for 6 to 8 weeks. The protocol begins with a PH neutral shampoo that opens the hair fiber for perfect penetration of the different treatments.

The first phase of care allows the scales of the hair to open up to optimize the effect of the other treatments and help them reach the different layers of the hair. Made up of natural fatty acids and amino acids, this treatment improves the hair’s resistance and texture.

Between each step, the hairdresser brushes the hair with the Dr Jr. brand soft-tip brush that will allow the products to be well distributed in the hair mass. He taps the hair to break up the particles of care and make them penetrate.

The second phase is a cream that nourishes the hair thanks to a composition containing amino acids and fullerene that maximizes their effect. It is also at this stage that the lactone acts by forming a protective touch on the hair. This step is followed by 15 minutes in a heated appliance to help the product work.

The third phase deeply moisturizes and repairs the hair thanks to its six different types of keratin. The hydrolyzed silk contained in the treatment fills the holes in the keratin and brings shine and softness to the hair fibre.

The fourth phase consolidates the previous steps thanks to its different oils that protect the hair without weighing it down.

Finally, the fifth step consists of applying a spray treatment to close the hair scales in order to consolidate the effect of the previous steps of the treatment.

Our opinion on the care

As far as the application of the treatment is concerned, it is very pleasant despite a rather long application time: about 1h15.

Indeed, you will have to take your time between the different phases of the treatment to let the products penetrate and act. With us, you will have a very pleasant time.

The scent of the different treatments is very pleasant and the end-of-treatment spray diffuses an invigorating lemongrass scent to conclude the session. In addition, each treatment protocol is personalized according to the nature of your hair.

The result is clearly visible at the end of the treatment. The hair is shinier and smoother. The split ends have disappeared. Long hair seems to have regained its vitality to the tip.

On tired hair, the result is even more spectacular. The effect of the treatment is supposed to remain visible for 2 months, but in practice this will depend on the nature of your hair. However, its beneficial action on the hair lasts longer and can be extended by the home care range.

In summary, Tokio Inkarami is a top-of-the-range hair care to give back shine to tired hair. And it perfectly fulfils this contract with an immediate visible result and noticeable benefits over time.