Is it possible to smooth hair after coloring?

lissage après une coloration

Do you have curly hair and regularly color your hair? Are you wondering if it is possible to perform a smoothing after your hair salon coloring?

The answer is YES, but under certain conditions that must absolutely be respected.

In any case, you will have to wait a certain time between these two treatments to not damage your hair and keep them in good health.

What are the basic rules to follow to achieve a smoothing with colored hair?

To achieve a smoothing on colored hair, it is imperative to wait at least two weeks after the coloring of your hair to get a good result.

Your hair will be able to retain its brilliance and brightness without risk of being burned by smoothing. The cells of the scalp take three weeks to renew, that’s why we have to wait.

Know also that the hair always needs a respite between two treatments which can be aggressive for the hair and for the scalp.

Can smoothing be done on colored hair?

The smoothing performed with a straightener is possible on hair that has been colored, but the most suitable remains the smoothing performed by a professional.

If you want very smooth hair, Japanese straightening is an effective method, but it is better to talk with your hair professional to choose the one that is best for your hair.

However, Brazilian smoothing remains the most used, but is not the most natural smoothing.

He relaxes them while making them brighter. In addition, this treatment lasts for three to four months, unlike Japanese smoothing which is permanent. On your color, this Brazilian smoothing can be practiced respecting the delay of at least two weeks, but the color can clear after the care, especially if the shade is clear.

If you are looking for a more natural solution, the tannin smoothing will be more adapted to your needs and will also repair your hair.

Some tips for your smoothing

If you choose to make a Brazilian smoothing or tannin smoothing on your colored hair, anticipate your color before making the smoothing.

If you choose Japanese smoothing, never do it on newly colored or sensitized hair. Your hair fiber is weakened and the care can make it even more sensitive.

These few instructions must be respected, because the major risk of smoothing after having colored hair is to burn hair irreversibly. Same thing for highlighted or swept hair. Any smoothing is not suitable for highlighted, bleached or swept hair.

Also choose a professional who is used to this type of care. By respecting the deadline, your hair colored and smoothed will be shiny and in perfect health, without taking any risk for you hair.

The professional advice of Au 2e

For all chemical smoothings, we recommend always performing a test on the hair to know the reaction of the hair to the product.

If the smoothing is natural and the hairdresser advises you to do a test wick, run away is that the smoothing is not really natural and you therefore take unnecessary risks.