10 things to know about tannin smoothing

The tannin, does it speak to you? Yes, of course since it is found in wine. But did you know that tannin also used in hairdressing? What is it for and why use it on our hair? Here are ten things to know about tannin smoothing, a totally natural technique!

Tannin smoothing, the art of how to naturally smooth our hair

Whether it is the Brazilian smoothing technique that consists in temporarily straightening the hair or smoothing tannin, much more natural because of the maceration of grape skins and other organic elements, both come from Brazil. T

heir common goal? Make our hair stronger and softer!
But let’s focus on taninoplasty, also known as tanino therapy or tannin smoothing. How is this technique revolutionary? Here are the answers.

10 good reasons to use tannin smoothing

1 – A totally natural tannin smoothing

The product is composed mainly of natural substances. The tannins are polyphenols of vegetable origin, obtained thanks to the maceration of the skin of the grapes, chestnut and oak.

2 – It repairs damaged hair

Without formalin or chemical derivatives, it nourishes, repairs, restructures and fortifies the hair fiber in depth and adapts to all types of hair. The results are visible from the first application.

3 – A simplified application technique

Much simpler and faster to apply than Brazilian smoothing, the tannin is practical, effective and efficient. Smoothing is done in just four steps, shampoo included.

4 – An exceptional quality of the product

Smoothing with tannin is almost magical. Your hair will look natural while keeping its volume. It brings a great advance in hair care. It is a nourishing care for the hair and resulting from natural elements.

5 – Better resistance to spray, swimming pools and sea baths

The use of a range of adapted products will protect your smooth hair for a lasting result. The So Pure range of Keune, based on essential oils and argan oil, perfectly meets the needs of smooth hair. These products are sulfate free (sodium chloride), paraben free and organic. The smoothing product will only be more efficient.

6 – Effective longer

Our hair regaining strength and vigor, tannin smoothing can last between four and eight months depending on the care taken to the hair, without getting oily hair or putting your hair up.

7 – Compatible with all types of hair

Whether our hair is colored, highlighted, short or long … smoothing with tannin lasts a long time and always remains impeccable.

8 – Soft, shiny and healthy hair

Since the hair is regenerated directly by the tannins that create a protective layer, our hair fiber quickly regains good health.

9 – Smoothing without side effects

Only based on vegetable tannin, this natural technique does not lead to oily hair and is safe even for children.

10 – A revolutionary technique

Once we have tested this technique, we can not live without it! For soft, silky, strong, resistant and soft hair, smoothing with tannin is really all that is most magical!

And if you still have doubts, just try it to be convinced! Below some pictures before and then !

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tanin straightening before and then

tanin straightening before and then tanin straightening before and then