5 reasons to do your straightening with our professionals!

You wish to discipline your hair and you have tried, in vain, all the solutions? What if you were to do your straightening with a professional hairdresser? By using the right technique and the right products, the expert hairdresser ensures that your hair is perfectly smooth and healthy.

Save time, get expert advice and get impeccable results. Discover 5 good reasons to do your straightening with our professionals at Au 2e!

1. Perfect straightening thanks to the expertise of a professional hairdresser

If you want to get your hair perfectly straight, professional hairdressers have the skills, techniques and superior products to achieve professional results.

Indeed, hair straightening specialists are certified hairdressers whose professional skills have been validated by a diploma. Thus, by using the services of an expert, you are assured of having smoother, shinier and healthier hair.

Moreover, since the hair straightening products usually used require very precise precautions, the professional knows perfectly each of the gestures to adopt. But also, the expert hairdresser knows the composition of the applied products, their pause time as well as all their methods of use.

2. Use of straightening products adapted to your hair

In order to achieve a smoothing of the hair in the rules, the use of specific products is essential. For example, it is imperative to choose a conditioning shampoo adapted to your hair type. But also, the application of a serum or an oil must be carried out by taking into account the state of health of your capillary fibres. And, when styling, the use of a thermal protection is essential to protect your hair from the heat of the straightening iron.

Moreover, there are several types of straightening products: mousse, cream, lotion… And only the professional hairdresser is able to choose the best solution for your hair. Thus, the hairdressing expert evaluates the quality of your hair before starting the straightening. To do this, he studies the texture of your hair, which allows him to choose the best method and products to use.

3. Prevention of possible capillary damages thanks to professional techniques

Smoothing or straightening? Depending on the result you want, and especially depending on the nature of your hair, the professional hairdresser will use the right products. Indeed, straightening hair can have 2 different purposes. Straightening and straightening hair have one thing in common: they are techniques used to change the texture of the hair. However, there is an important difference between the 2 procedures.

Straightening is a process that makes the hair smoother and softer by using straightening products and styling appliances such as irons. Straightening does not change the structure of the hair. Whereas straightening is a process that changes the chemical structure of the hair by using straightening products. Straightening can then make the hair straighter and smoother, but can also weaken and damage it.

This is why it is important to go to a professional to straighten your hair. He or she can avoid damaging the nature of your hair by using the right techniques and products.

4. Get personalized advice especially for taking care of your straightened hair

Professional hairdressers can give you personalized advice on how to care for your hair to maintain the results of straightening. For example, their expertise allows them to advise you to opt for cosmetics specially designed for straightened hair, such as conditioning shampoos or heat-protecting creams and lotions.

Or, since hair fibers are more likely to be weakened by straightening treatments, your hairdresser may advise you to avoid overheating irons or hair dryers. It is also important to keep your hair moisturized and soft after straightening by using serums or oils for the ends.

Also, after a straightening treatment, the professional may advise you to avoid hair styles that pull on your hair, such as tight braids or tied hairstyles. Finally, you can also trim the ends regularly to eliminate split ends, often caused by dryness from heated appliances.

5. Save time straightening your hair by going to a professional

When you go to a professional hairdresser like your hair salon in Montreal Au 2e to straighten your hair, you save a lot of time! Indeed, thanks to his precise and fast gestures, the expert knows in all points the gestures to be accomplished.

In addition, during the entire time you are being taken care of by a professional hairdresser, you let yourself be taken in hand. Much more than a simple hairdressing session, a straightening also allows you to find a new hairstyle, a new hair style. But above all, a visit to your Montreal hair salon Au 2e is a time for true relaxation!