Brazilian blowout / Straightening

How does it work ?

Brazilian hair straightening treatments have already been the solution for damage hair and to eliminate frizz.

Lissage brésilienFor what type of hair?

It can help eliminate frizz. Although it’s not a de-frizzing treatment as such, a Brazilian hair straightening treatment can help minimize frizz.

So no more walking around in a cloud of puffy hair every time it rains! And be aware that it’s suitable for some hair, not every type of hair ! The Brazilian hair straightening treatment works by applying keratin (a natural protein found in your hair) and a mixture of formaldehyde (used as a preservative to seal the protein onto each hair strand) to your locks.

While short and infrequent exposures to formaldehyde shouldn’t be harmful, it may not be the best option if you’re pregnant or if you have a particularly sensitive scalp.

However, there are plenty of formaldehyde-free options to choose from (but also less powerful), so don’t be afraid to inquire about it in our salon as they might not be the right solution for your hair.

Au 2e hairstylist advice

Our rule is : NO DAMAGE HAIR ! and on a long-term. This is why the Brazilian hair straightening treatment is not our 1st option. If you want a non-frizzy or frizz treatment, it’s not the solution to your problem ! we warn you, you will be disappointed.

But here at Au 2e we’ve got the solution !

Our alternative solution !

Our professional hairstylists will give you advice and inspiration based on their experience and expert knowledge because our main goal is to keep your hair safe from damage.

That is why we will probably advice you to choose from another solution which will give your hair greater elasticity, vitality, shine and help prevent your hair’s ability to make a curl : our organic smoothing, also known as Taninoplastia hair straightening.

It will allow you to straighten your hair in a natural way.