Sinka Smoothing by Tokio Inkarami

A new smoothening range inspiring by modern women

Sinka Smoothing by Tokio Inkarami

If a woman can multi-task, so should her hair treatment! That’s how is presented this new brand. And we can say two things about it : it’s true and we love it!

SINKA, a new product range inspired by modern women throughout the globe. Finally, a smoothening range that incorporates the revolutionary active ingredients of TOKIO INKARAMI as well as fullerenes.


Thanks to the Japanese INKARAMI technology in SINKA, one unique formula can lastingly smoothen, repair and strengthen hair. More volume, more elasticity, more hydrated.

This patented Japanese technology contains the first chemical reaction with cohesive links, which increases hair resistance by more than 140%.


(Nobel Prize winning molecules)

Possessing 175 times the anti-oxidising effect of vitamin C, these molecules were awarded a Nobel Prize in 1996 and are globally renowned for their benefits. Thanks to their active oxygen, fullerenes prevent cuticle stretching, pigment, colour and nutritional loss, thereby keeping hair in good shape.

For who?

This treatment is for anyone, no matter the hair – frizzy, curly, wavy, dry, damaged – who needs to repair, nourish and deeply hydrate their hair while adding the beneficial effect of a revolutionary smoothing in order to obtain an exceptional result: a repaired, hydrated, relaxed hair ranging from slightly relaxed to much smoother.

Our advice

We are very pleased to be the first salon in Canada to offer Sinka Tokio Inkarami, which is aimed at both women and men. The revolutionary technology applied in 10 steps gives results that exceed expectations. We have already done dozens of Sinka smoothings and anyone who choose it radiates happiness.

It is a custom smoothing that allows to play at will on the level of relaxation of the hair while repairing it very deeply. The combination of Tokio Inkarami treatments with Sinka smoothing gives an optimal result. We recommend it without hesitation.


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