5 tips for treating oily hair

Do you have greasy hair? Like you, many people in the world have oily hair. It usually looks dirty even after washing.

Luckily, there are products and tips to take care of it. To give your hair back its beautiful shine, use our tips below.

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Choose your product carefully and gradually space out the shampoos

To treat oily hair, the first reflex is shampoo. There are many types of shampoos on the market. Not all shampoos correspond to the same hair type.

Having oily hair, avoid buying or using shampoos that are too rich in composition. Indeed, such shampoos make the hair heavier.

Favour mild shampoos with natural compositions. They should not contain silicone. You can also use a shampoo designed exclusively for oily hair. You can even use this type of shampoo frequently.

Apart from shampoos, there are Ayurvedic powders to treat oily hair. Some powder-based products help to cleanse the scalp. They also regulate the production of sebum.

It is a very unpleasant thing to have oily hair. Therefore, the first reflex is usually frequent cleaning with shampoo. This is a very bad idea. The gradual spacing of washing with this product helps to regulate the production of sebum. To avoid having to shampoo your hair frequently, tie it up in a ponytail.

Another tip is to cover the hair when it becomes greasy, using a cap or hat. Spraying the root of your oily hair with a dry shampoo will delay shampoo cleanup. This way, your hair will gain volume. You will no longer have the sensation of having oily hair.

When shampooing your oily hair, massage your scalp properly. However, avoid irritating it. To do so, use only the pulp of your fingers. To avoid stimulating the sebaceous glands, touch your scalp. When the sebaceous glands feel stressed, they produce more sebum.

The shampoo may not lather well. This is probably due to the fact that it does not contain sulphates. This ingredient is responsible for the lather produced during washing. In addition, sulphates cause scalp irritation. A shampoo that does not lather is not necessarily a bad shampoo.

Rinse your head thoroughly, use vinegar and dry your hair moderately

The presence of shampoo on your hair over a long period of time quickly greases it. Therefore, you must rinse all your hair thoroughly.

Using a hair clip, make quarters of hair. Then clean each quarter. Rinse all areas thoroughly. Of course, it will take you a lot of time to do this properly. But this precaution has the advantage of ensuring that your hair is properly cleaned. You’ll even notice afterwards that it squeaks under your fingers.

Finish rinsing with a spray of fresh water. This allows the scales to tighten. Your hair will regain its shiny appearance.

After getting out of the shower, run vinegar lotion through your still damp hair without rinsing. This trick reveals the shine of the hair. It also makes detangling easier. There are rinsing vinegars that have purifying effects. Thus, they regulate the production of sebum. By using them, you will also space out shampooing sessions.

Drying hair is another form of aggression towards it, especially when it is already too sensitive. To prevent hair from drying out often, use a clean towel to wrap it. Wrap it upside down. Leave the towel like this for a long time.

This will allow the towel to absorb excess water. Unpack the towel. Then press the hair into the towel. Do not rub the hair with the towel.

For those who use a hair dryer, use the medium air knob to dry the hair. Cold air would be even better for drying hair. This is because when it gets hot, the hair gets greasy again.