Our tips for treating dry hair

Do you often notice that your hair is dry when you pass in front of the mirror? Is its color dull? Does it have split ends?

Usually, when you see these signs, you think you should cut it off. But cutting is not the only solution. You still have the opportunity to bring your hair back to life. Here are our tips or advice to repair your dry hair.

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Choose your hair care products and brushes carefully and pre-shampoo

The first and most important rule is the wise choice of hair care products. The well-being of your hair depends very much on the products you apply to it.

The other four tips are very helpful in treating your dry hair. However, if the products you use aren’t of good quality and don’t suit the type of hair you have, these four tips won’t help you in the end.

The best products to use in a dry hair treatment are the ones designed for that purpose. They should not contain silicones or sulfates. Read the ingredients used in the product carefully before you buy it. The disadvantage with the first of these two ingredients to avoid is that it makes the hair look smooth without actually being smooth. Eventually, they suffocate the hair.

The choice of brush is not negligible in the context of a dry hair treatment. Don’t brush your hair too hard and use a soft brush to avoid breaking it. Now that you’ve got those two things together, let’s move on to the actual treatment.

As you might have guessed, pre-shampooing is a prelude to shampooing. It involves applying the product to all of your hair for about 3 minutes. Use a warm, thick towel to cover the hair after applying the product. As the scales open, the heat helps the product work deep into the hair. Afterwards, you can go into the shower.

Spread out the cleaning with shampoo and avoid aggressive coloring.

If you’re used to repeated shampooing, you’re weakening your hair. The scales also become brittle. Over time, your entire head of hair dries out. Very often, professional hairdressers recommend one, maximum two washes with shampoo every 3 days. This preserves the quality of the hair.

Thus they are less brittle and do not break. If you have oily roots, shampoo lightly and dry.

As you know, repeating colorations with poor quality products can weaken your hair to the point of dryness.

Chemical brittleness is even more common with very sensitive hair. Hair has difficulty tolerating the harmful components found in most haircolour products. Between the beautiful touch that these products bring to the hair and the risk of drying it out, you have to choose.

Furthermore, if you have naturally dry hair, repeating coloring products makes it more fragile and speeds up drying. The ideal is to space out the colorings widely. If you have gray hair and you can’t stand it, camouflage it with natural or less chemical products. They are generally more tolerated by the hair.

It is known to everyone that oil is good for the hair. If you have dry hair, don’t hesitate to put some on it. Don’t skimp on quantity. The cosmetic industry has created oil formulas that are very effective in the treatment of dry hair. These oils restore the hair’s softness and smoothness. Better, they do not weigh down the hair, like argan oil.

However, the scalp, especially when it is oily, does not support the regular application of oil. So if you have an oily scalp, just apply the oil to the lengths of your hair. Also insist on the ends of the hair.