Montreal smoothing: how many treatments should I do per month?

Brazilian, French, Japanese or Indian straightening, if you have done this operation, you undoubtedly know it already: it is essential to carry out care after it. We will therefore see how to properly maintain your straightening done or not in your hair salon in Montreal Au 2e, regardless of the straightening chosen. Ready to do all the necessary care to keep your beautiful hair straightened longer?

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The basics to know

Have you ever thought about how many times you wash your hair in a month? It’s important, because it will have to be reduced. This is the basis for keeping your straightening longer: wash your hair less.

Do you usually wash your hair every day? Stop, this is no longer possible once your hair is straightened. If you continue, your straightening won’t last long. Shampoos have the ability to remove everything that is present on the hair and therefore the products that have been deposited on it, so it is important to use a shampoo for straightened hair. It is the very principle of shampoo. Plan on a maximum of 8 shampoos per month (i.e. 2 per week).

It’s also important not to run your fingers through your hair. Even if you like the new smooth feel, it’s important not to run your fingers through your hair over and over again. It makes sense. By running your fingers through your hair, you get it dirty and therefore need to wash it, it also tends to get greasy faster.

You’ll also want to invest in a wide-tooth comb. This will allow you to detangle your hair without damaging the straightening. Again, avoid using it over and over again. It will have the same effect as your fingers. Once a day is ideal.

The care to bring to your straightened hair

Even if your hair is not dry, care is needed during the months following your straightening to keep your hair smooth and beautiful. Even if you have to reduce the number of shampoos, the choice of the product that you will use is crucial. You will need to use this specific shampoo for all the months following your straightening (your hairdresser will tell you the average length of your straightening). You must obviously choose a shampoo adapted to your hair (oily tendency, for example). You should also choose a product without sodium chlorite or sulfates, compounds that are particularly harmful to straightening. The pH must be soft. Choose a product with keratin, ideal for post-smoothing care.

For each shampoo, an important recommendation: you must rinse your hair for a long time. Hearing the crunch of your fingers on the hair will not be enough. You will still have to “water” your hair for long minutes to remove all traces of shampoo and other products used.

Products to use after a straightening

During the months following your straightening, whatever it is, you must take care of your hair. You will need to invest in a keratin conditioner, but also a moisturizing oil (or serum depending on your preference).

If you have chosen a Japanese straightening, you will need to apply the mask twice a week (or once if your hair is not dry). For a Brazilian straightening, once a week is enough.

As for the oil or the moisturizing serum, you will have to use it once a day (if you do not want to apply it every day, you will have to do it after each wash at least, that is to say 8 times a month as a rule). The straightening, whatever it is, dries the hair. It is therefore essential to nourish your hair every day. Oil nourishes well, but does not weigh down the hair. Choose a product based on avocado, castor oil or Amla oil.

Other treatments?

Hair, even when straightened, tends to curl at night. To avoid damaging the effects of straightening, you can roll your hair every night. This will protect it better. Use the “wrap” method, which may be a little restrictive, but is very effective in taking care of your straightening. Detangle your hair and then apply a few drops of serum. Use flat clips to secure your hair to your head. Wrap your hair in a scarf.

Even if it’s straight, you’ll still need to style your hair on a daily basis. Use a wide-tooth comb, as mentioned above.

When it comes to drying, it’s best to let your hair air dry. If you don’t have time, you can blow-dry your hair. By doing this on a daily basis, the smoothing will last longer (especially for a Brazilian smoothing).

When the straightening starts not to have the desired effects anymore (normally a straightening lasts between 3 and 4 months, so it starts not to look so good after one or two months), you will tend to want to use a straightening iron. Be careful, not more than once a week (or 4 times a month). Used more, it will damage your hair and therefore the remains of straightening. If you must buy a straightening iron, choose a model with ceramic plates, ideal for hair that has been straightened. Don’t forget the heat-protecting serum.

If all this seems too complicated to maintain your straightening, you can of course ask your Au 2e hairdresser for advice.