Hair extension: how does it work and is it for me ?

extension de cheveux avant apres

extension de cheveux avant apres

Like many women, you dream of having beautiful, smooth and long hair. But your hair grows at a rate of one centimeter a month and it is not tomorrow that your hair will be the length of those of Rapunzel.

To contradict Mother Nature, you can opt for hair extensions. Here are some tips to help you choose your extensions.

Are hair extensions made for me?

Depending on the nature of your hair, the hair stylist must adapt the extensions to avoid breakage and the loss of your real hair. If your hair is too short, you will have to wait patiently for them to regrow. A minimum length of 10 cm is required for aesthetic reasons.

Target your desires for better results

Determine the type of hair extension you want based on desired results: Do you want more volume? Give relief to your color? More length? Smooth or wavy? The installation techniques and the choice of extensions will result from these answers. Only a professional hair stylist can make the correct diagnosis.

How is the extension installed?

The extensions are placed 1 cm from your roots and fixed using different techniques. Depending on the hair salon where you plan to put your extensions, learn about the methods.

Synthetic keratin fixation

The keratin is softened and then attached to the hair. This fastening system is widely used for sweeping or length effects.

Band fixation with vegetable glue

Very common, this system is more adaptable to all the hair and takes longer. Used by many salons, to gain volume, these self-adhesive strips offer the advantage of being repositionable.

Sequence and life of an extension pose

Count between 1 hour and 3-4 hours of installation. On the maintenance side, focus on nourishing care for your extensions to last between 3 and 4 months.

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extension de cheveux avant apres

extension de cheveux avant apres


The Unicorn hair continues to grow

Unicorn hair

If you’re tired of the monotony and the greyness of the coming winter, opt for a trend that will not go unnoticed with unicorn hair or Unicorn hair.

This trend is gaining momentum and is finally available in your hair salon to allow to have multi-colored hair. It is a semi-permanent direct deposit dye that can vary depending on the intensity of the desired color.

Mainly, you can use the following six colors: red, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange, then they play with the intensity diluting the colors for more pastel: without dilution for the most intense hair color.

This allows us to have an endless creativity and imagination in the making of the Unicorn Hair.

The Variants are enormous, they can express themselves by the hair of an intense violet color which degrades until a pink white on the point for the most bold, with the sweep that covers the hair with a pink peach for the more discreet or gray lilac or gray pink for the less conventional, even the hair of our Little Pony (Unicorn hair) for the nostalgic ones who assertsThe result fades evenly as shampooing takes place, giving you a little time to enjoy your new color.

Go for a successful and professional result!

If you are unsure (or certainly) of achieving an optimum result for yourself to have your hair Unicorn hair, head to your hair salon who will advise you and allow you to get this extraordinary look. Here we use the Pulp Riot, products, whose quality and color retention make all the difference.

Some mistakes may happen. So be careful with this type of product, because a mistake is quickly made and can be irreparable until the regrowth of your hair.

That’s why it’s important to use professional services. They practice both discolorations and colorations. The technique used is the superposition of the primary colors. This is the secret to succeeding this coloring. It is also imperative to apply the colors in the correct order so that the shades are subtle and the effect is successful.

le style de cheveux unicorn ou licorne

Is it possible to have a unicorn color and curly hair?

For fans of Brazilian smoothing or tannin smoothing, know that it is possible to cumulate in a single session the smoothing and discoloration and unicorn coloring.

This will allow you to avoid going to the salon several times and so to come out with a perfect hair like in your dreams in one go

Once finished, this beautiful unicorn hairstyle will shine and attract all eyes around you!

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Hair Color Revolutionary Brand Pulp Riot now at Au 2e

Pulp Riot

Launched by David and Alexis Thurston in 2016 in California, Pulp Riot changed the way we see color! Pulp Riot is the first vibrant hair color that is also vegan, gluten-free & cruelty free! Pulp Riot is easy to use and requires no developer. Key ingredients such as quinoa help protect, strengthen, repair and moisturize the hair. Does not contain ammonia, PPD, MEA or parabens.


16OGs offers 16 Vibrant and Pastel Semi-Permanent Colors that are easier to apply, more vibrant, lasts longer, and fades better.

Neon Electric presents the same amazing benefits and performance of original 16 shades and are UV reactive.

Pulp Riot semi-permanent direct-dye color allows our artists to create color masterpieces on your very own hair. Follow our Instagram to see what we can do and call us for a free consult at 514 845-7676 or book online.


What is tannin smoothing and who is it for?

tannin smoothing

For starters, let’s talk about tannin

This is a new hair straightening technique. The tannins are polyphenols of vegetable origin, obtained by the maceration of skins of grapes, oak and chestnut. They have many properties that also make them useful in the medical field.

Tannin smoothing, therefore, is not only natural, but it equates to true care for your hair. It does not contain any chemicals. It does not represent any danger, does not risk to degrade your hair and does not cause any inconvenience usually associated with the use of chemicals such as itching and other allergic reactions.

The benefits of tannin smoothing

To date, it is the smoothing technique that has the longest lifespan: it retains the same quality as that of the first day for several months and generally should only be redone every four to eight months depending of the care you provide to your hair. This smoothing has many advantages: it makes the hair more supple, stronger and easier to comb. It accentuates their brilliance and makes them shine with health.

Of course, a follow-up adapted to the characteristics of your hair will allow you to preserve the benefits of your smoothing until it has to be redone. You will also be able, if your beauty tracking is of quality, to rework only the roots. The tannin smoothing offers excellent resistance to the pool and the sea.

tannin smoothing

The different smoothings with tannin

There are now three smoothings using tannin as the main active ingredient. They are each adapted to a particular type of hair, but all have common characteristics and excellent properties.

The aminoplastic, laboratories Belma relaxes the curls gently, without stiffening the hair. It can remove the sparkling effects and frizz of your hair. It also prevents them from greasing too quickly. It will suit you if you have fine or very fine hair, because this smoothing does not have the disadvantage of refining the hair.

The taninoplastia, Salvatore laboratories, has the advantage of being able to be associated with care and correctors of colors. It will match the majority of hair types, will remove frizz, sublimate hair shine and loosen curls. This smoothing offers more flexibility on the relaxation of the hair. One can for example accentuate the smoothing on a fringe for a smoother result at the front and more flexible on the lengths.

Enzymetherapy, Belma laboratories, smooth with more intensity. It will be appropriate for you if your hair is dry, because it offers excellent hydration, and if your hair is particularly thick and curly. It can follow other kinds of smoothing, unless your hair is about to break.

Testimonial: “Disciplined, soft, brilliant, easy to style, that’s really what I wanted! “

Sonia was inquiring about the different types of smoothing when she visited on Au 2e’s website. Equipped with a mane that swells easily with the vagaries of the weather, she sought to eliminate frizz and slightly reduce the volume of her hair. “My hair has retained its natural movement, a slight ripple and does not require styling. That’s exactly what I was looking for, “she says one week after smoothing.

The health benefits were also important to her. “Smoothing with tannin immediately interested me because it is not chemical. Its effect is more natural, my hair is shiny and smooth, but not stiff. ”

On the lookout for the first shampoo, Sonia was quickly reassured: “After the first wash, with the products of Keratin range of Keune, I realized that I had obtained exactly what I wanted. I just kept the desired volume and a slight movement. My hair is very disciplined, soft and very bright! The cut perfectly completes the smoothing. Thank you Leo! ”

Three weeks after the smoothing

Two weeks after the smoothing

Two months after the smoothing

Lissage tanin tannin smoothing 2 months after

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What is Brazilian hair straightening and who is it for?

Lissage brésilien

In this article, we will talk about Brazilian hair straightening. How much does it cost and is it risky? We will answer all your questions below!

What is Brazilian hair straightening?

Contrary to what its name indicates, it is not a proper smoothing, but a care: It does not only feed the hair deeply, but it redefines the curls and removes frizz. How is it possible ?

It’s about making a mask with keratin on your hair. This is applied by wick with a brush, then is activated by heat with smoothing plates. The break time of the product is between 15 and 25 minutes for optimum effect. In this way, the keratin penetrates deep into your hair: it feeds them, sheaths and gives them a shiny side. The care will provide flexibility, redefinition, and nutrition without frizz or weigh down the hair.

Who is the Brazilian hair straightening for?

Almost all women and men will benefit from this care because it improves overall hair quality.

Here are the main advantages of Brazilian hair straightening:

It facilitates blow drying (setting). The hair takes the desired shape. This reduces the temperature of the hair dryer and the duration of blow drying: it is a good technique to save time when preparing in the morning and to avoid continually attacking his hair. It nourishes dry, porous and rough hair. This is especially true for hair that is regularly tested by coloring, discoloration or styling.

With this feature, the Brazilian hair straightening also helps to keep pretty curls when you have a hair that borders easily. Its only downside: for fine hair, Brazilian hair straightening may weigh down the hair and the plate losing its full volume. If you are in this case, it may be interesting to ask us for advice.

We have solutions for your hair type.

How much does a Brazilian hair straightening cost?

This operation is offered from $ 250, depending mainly on the length of your hair. Léo, a master barber, is a leading expert in the field of smoothing and will offer you the best advice in full transparency. Do not hesitate to ask us questions! We are experts in all types of smoothing.

How long is a Brazilian hair straightening?

It all depends on the texture of your hair, the speed of growth and the frequency of washing. For “normal” hair, count about 4 months of effects. After this time, frizz will reappear gradually. For flexible hair, this duration can go up to 6 months.

What are the risks of Brazilian hair straightening?

The main risks were related to the presence of formaldehyde which made it possible to stiffen and flatten the hair. We were talking about smoothing. After health scandals in several countries, including Canada, France, and the United States, linked to the presence of formaldehyde in smoothing products, some countries have adopted regulations limiting the concentration of formalin.

Canada imposes a maximum threshold in the products used. What we respect meticulously since none of our products contain formalin! Learn more about Brazilian Smoothing and all the types of smoothing that can be done with professionals at Salon 2e.

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