Is it possible to straighten man’s hair ?

tannin smoothing for men

Gentlemen, can’t stand your curly or frizzy hair anymore? Straightening or smoothing techniques are more and more popular with men.

The male population has the same right to appropriate the different techniques to obtain the hair they want and for that, we explain everything about these different techniques.

Straightening or permanent smoothing for men

Straightening will give you a long-lasting result, it is also known as permanent smoothing. It consists in modifying the structure of the hair by breaking the disulfide bridges that cause the frizz. There are two straightening techniques, however, if you start with one, you will have to wait until the product has completely disappeared before trying the second. It is important that your scalp is in perfect health before applying any of these products. Our French hairdresser Léo uses Keune’s products to achieve quality straightening without risk to your hair.

The gentle or Thiole straightening, ideal for your wavy or curly hair. The product applied to your hair acts on the surface for an effectiveness of 3 to 6 months. Alkaline straightening is for frizzy hair. The product then acts in depth, the application requires more expertise and lasts a maximum of 2 months.

There are different techniques such as Japanese smoothing, which takes its name from the “baguette” effect it offers. If you have curly, wavy or frizzy hair, this technique aims for permanence and will therefore last 4 to 6 months. However, it cannot be applied to highlighted hair, but no problem if it is coloured.

Brazilian straightening will discipline your hard-to-handle hair with its all-natural composition that will not damage your hair and will adapt very well to even short hair.

The tannin smoothing offers a result between Japanese and Brazilian smoothing. Semi-permanent, you will have a result that will last and you will only have to redo the roots when they have grown back. It is considered tailor-made, because this straightening is declined in several strengths according to your hair type and is totally natural.

Luxter Vegetable Collagen Straightening offers you a long-lasting straightening that will repair your hair in depth with collagen. It adapts to all hair types and can be applied to colored or scanned hair.

Temporary smoothing

This type of straightening does not permanently modify the structure of the hair, it will therefore not be durable and will have to be renewed. It is made using hot plates without any products and the structure of your hair will not be modified.

Ideal to do when you have curly or wavy hair, the result will be easier to achieve than on curly hair that will require permanent straightening.

To keep your hair beautiful, these techniques must be applied with application, which is why it is necessary to call upon an Au 2e hairdresser who will be able to advise you precisely according to your hair and the result you expect, as well as on the care to be given to your hair afterwards.