Is there a haircut for every age?

coupe cheveux selon age

We all woke up one day and said, “I want to change my mind.” As we move forward in life, we have moments of doubt and the desire to change everything: our interior design, our look; there’s no shortage of haircuts.

You’ve been wearing a beautiful long mane forever? The day will come when you will want to go short. Why such a change? Because life is doing its work, age is growing and the way we see ourselves is changing.

Before you walk through the doors of a hair salon, ask yourself if there is a haircut for your age. This will guide you in your choice and help you avoid disappointments.

20 years, free cutting in all circumstances

Young and crazy, at 20, they have their whole life ahead of them. Their hair is then coloured blue, pink, red, cut in shades, etc… The cuts change several times a year. We go from long to short, from short to long. It is curled, shaved on one side, but not on the other.

In short, we do what we want, we test. This is the age of freedom, of carefree, of the will to express oneself by any means. We enjoy ourselves and whatever the consequences. It doesn’t matter, it grows back!

At the age of 30, the haircut evolves with the person

This is usually the phase of the big upheavals in life. Marriage, children, a busy job. All of which give you just as many reasons to want to change your mind.

You want something that’s easy to do, low-maintenance. Maybe you also need to fit in with your job. But you still want to be noticed, not to let yourself go: you structure, shape and glamourise.

40 years, the cut of maturity

You stay young in your head, but you’re not 20 anymore! The questioning makes itself felt, the desire for change follows in quick succession.

What if we finally do what we really want? What if we could get out of this “metro-work-asleep” straitjacket? Tired of the compulsory blow dry at work? Ponytailing around the clock to avoid knots? Everybody’s got a right to treat themselves. It’s time to regain a little capillary freedom! The watchword: lightness. Simplicity remains a sure thing.

50 years old/60 years old and over, stay beautiful and natural

Usually, the older you get, the more you go for short cuts. Because gray hair is less beautiful long? Because at this age, long hair is not flattering?

In any case, it is better to avoid anything that pulls the hair back, or that hardens the face. Square, straightened or too structured cuts are not the friends of quinquas/sexagenarians. It’s no longer the time to be exuberant.

As you can see, every age has its own haircut. Nevertheless, we must not forget an important point: the shape of the face. It holds a primordial place in the choice of a cut.