5 things to know about hair perming

conseils permanente cheveux

You want to do a perm on your hair, but you are still hesitating to take the step? Here are a few useful tips before you get started.

The advantages of a perm

A perm has the advantage of adding volume to the hair. If you find your hair too flat and you want to revitalize your hairstyle, a perm can meet your wishes.

The hair regains movement and the result will look more natural than with a curling iron. You can also choose the shape and size of the curls or opt for a simple wave (wavy effect). The perm is long-lasting, 3 to 6 months on average, but it is not permanent, as the hair returns to its original shape when it grows back.

The permanent wave technique

How do you go from straight hair to curly hair? To do this, you use a chemical product that breaks the hair’s envelope and you can then give it the desired shape.

The hair is then wrapped around curlers that are more or less wide depending on the desired effect, and will take on a rounded shape. After the application time, the curlers are removed, then a fixing product is applied to tighten the scales of the hair and definitively fix the fold. It is advisable to avoid washing your hair for two days after perming.

The perm and the different types of hair

The perm can be done on any type of hair. As long as the application time is adapted to each type, there are no contraindications. It is important to know that the result will depend on the type of hair, especially in terms of hold.

Shaping will last less time on naturally very smooth hair. If your hair is bleached and therefore already weakened, it is not advisable to do a perm. It is nevertheless possible to start with a perm and wait several weeks before bleaching.

The risks of a perm for the hair

The main risk is the drying of the hair fibre, especially if the hair is already dry at the base. A good hydration is necessary, it is advisable to regularly make nourishing masks to preserve the health of the hair.

If your hair is very fine and sensitive, remember to nourish it before perming. A shorter application time should be respected, as fine hair absorbs the products more quickly. You should also know that there is always a risk of irritation, but since techniques have evolved and the products used are very gentle, this risk is very low, if not non-existent.

How to maintain your perm ?

To maintain your perm and prolong the curly or wavy effect, it is better to let your hair air-dry or use a diffuser rather than a traditional hairdryer. It will follow the shape of the curls and will respect the shape of the hair.

You can also use styling mousse to discipline and restructure curls. If you occasionally feel like blow-drying, don’t worry, curls will reappear after a wash. Finally, keep in mind that if you’ve chosen rather large curls the perm will tend to last a little less time.