The Unicorn hair continues to grow

Unicorn hair

If you’re tired of the monotony and the greyness of the coming winter, opt for a trend that will not go unnoticed with unicorn hair or Unicorn hair.

This trend is gaining momentum and is finally available in your hair salon to allow to have multi-colored hair. It is a semi-permanent direct deposit dye that can vary depending on the intensity of the desired color.

Mainly, you can use the following six colors: red, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange, then they play with the intensity diluting the colors for more pastel: without dilution for the most intense hair color.

This allows us to have an endless creativity and imagination in the making of the Unicorn Hair.

The Variants are enormous, they can express themselves by the hair of an intense violet color which degrades until a pink white on the point for the most bold, with the sweep that covers the hair with a pink peach for the more discreet or gray lilac or gray pink for the less conventional, even the hair of our Little Pony (Unicorn hair) for the nostalgic ones who assertsThe result fades evenly as shampooing takes place, giving you a little time to enjoy your new color.

Go for a successful and professional result!

If you are unsure (or certainly) of achieving an optimum result for yourself to have your hair Unicorn hair, head to your hair salon who will advise you and allow you to get this extraordinary look. Here we use the Pulp Riot, products, whose quality and color retention make all the difference.

Some mistakes may happen. So be careful with this type of product, because a mistake is quickly made and can be irreparable until the regrowth of your hair.

That’s why it’s important to use professional services. They practice both discolorations and colorations. The technique used is the superposition of the primary colors. This is the secret to succeeding this coloring. It is also imperative to apply the colors in the correct order so that the shades are subtle and the effect is successful.

le style de cheveux unicorn ou licorne

Is it possible to have a unicorn color and curly hair?

For fans of Brazilian smoothing or tannin smoothing, know that it is possible to cumulate in a single session the smoothing and discoloration and unicorn coloring.

This will allow you to avoid going to the salon several times and so to come out with a perfect hair like in your dreams in one go

Once finished, this beautiful unicorn hairstyle will shine and attract all eyes around you!

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