Before making an appointment

Our team takes the preventive measures of Covid-19 very seriously. In order to provide you and our employees with a safe environment, we ask that you take note of the following hygiene measures and answer a few questions for the well-being of all.
Thanks for your help!

Some instructions: 

  • The wearing of a face covering is mandatory at all times. We cannot guarantee that we can provide it. If so, it could be added to your bill.
  • We allow 15 minutes between each appointment to allow us to disinfect all areas visited by the previous client. The waiting room being inaccessible, we ask you to come alone to your appointment and arrive at the exact time. Your hairdresser can call you on your cell phone when she or he is ready to receive you.
  • When you arrive, go to the glass door. You will be asked to enter. Please do not knock. Hand washing is mandatory on arrival and departure with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer which will be provided on site. Gloves are not recommended by public health specialists. Hand washing is still mandatory.
  • We ask you to hang your coat yourself and drop off your personal belongings at a specific location.
  • The physical distancing of 2 meters is always in order. Of course, as we cannot take care of you within 2 meters of distancing, we will wear a mask, visor and gown as recommended by public health. Your movements will be guided by pads on the ground all spaced 2 meters apart.
  • No drinks (water, coffee, tea, etc.) will be served during your visit. No food either.
  • No magazine will be available. You will be able to consult your telephone, but we thank you in advance for keeping it on you. No charging wire can be loaned to you.
  • We will confirm your appointment by phone. At that time, a deposit will be required because each canceled appointment weakens our financial health. And as we wish to serve you for a long time, we count on your collaboration! For any appointment canceled within 48 opened hours, the deposit may be refunded. If the appointment is postponed due to the Covid-19, it can be postponed without loss of the deposit and without the obligation to notify us within 48 hours. The appointment can be resumed when you are Covid-19 free (minimum period of 21 days later). We want to see you healthy! The possibility of payment by Interac transfer will be set up and will be payable as soon as you accept the quote at the beginning of your appointment.

By checking the box below, I confirm that:

  • I don’t have any symptom(s) associated with COVID-19 (cough, fever, difficulty to breath, sudden loss of smell or taste without nasal congestion or any other symptom associated with COVID-19)
  • I am not subject to voluntary or mandatory isolation
  • I have not returned from a trip for less than 15 days?
  • I have not been in contact with a person showing symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 15 days?
  • If I have one or more symptoms of COVID-19 before my appointment, I agree to notify the Au 2e team as soon as possible by telephone in order to postpone my appointment (I will keep my deposit).
  • I understand that if I have any of the symptoms of COVID-19 during my visit to the salon, I will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

I agree to wear a face covering during my visit.


Agree and continue to the booking page